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Drug Testing of Texas technicians can collect saliva swabs to collect a DNA specimen to be analyzed by a licensed laboratory to determine paternity and also genetics of the individuals tested. We offer the best in confidentiality and quality in paternity test services in Greenville TX.

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Discover how professionally conducted our paternity testing collection is. When you’re wondering who your child’s father is, you’ll want to visit with us as soon as possible. We’ll soon get a number of appropriate paternity tests underway so that we can determine parenthood as soon as possible, as effectively as possible, and as accurately as possible.

Our DNA Laboratories are participating in a number of national and international accreditation programs, including AABB (American Association of Blood Banks), Forensic Quality Services International(FQSI), and the New York Department of Health.

Pricing for a triplet (mother, child, and one potential father) DNA testing is $275.00 for the lab test or $250.00 for double test (child and father only). Fees can be paid for by credit card or cashier check. Appointments must be made for this service. Collection for DNA testing takes about 15 minutes for each person tested. Picture IDs are required for each adult. Minors will have pictures taken at our office with adults – these pictures will be submitted with the samples.


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