Drug and Alcohol Testing in Greenville TX

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More and more companies are seeking to improve safety, deter drug use and alcohol misuse, and promote a safe and healthy work environment.

Our staff is prepared to deliver to you the most effective program to meet your drug & alcohol testing needs in Greenville TX.

Our Services in Greenville TX

With this in mind, we offer a complete range of services to meet your requirements, including:

  • Pre-employment 6 and 10-panel drug testing
  • Hair Follicle test: the gold standard of drug testing with results for 3 months prior
  • Nail Testing
  • Breath alcohol testing
  • Random testing
  • DOT physical exams
  • Consortium testing - if information on consortium is needed to contact us
  • Instant urine results, with non-negative results sent to a lab for confirmation
  • Paternity testing (DNA)
  • Post-accident testing
  • Court certified testing
  • Laboratory testing includes a collection of the sample, transport to the laboratory, analysis, confirmation by a certified laboratory, and a test review by a Medical Review Officer.
  • Non-DOT physical exams (AKA pre-employment exams)
  • Online drug testing through FormFox 
  • Online drug testing through eScreen, the national leader in online drug testing. Negative results are available within 15 minutes of the test
  • Spirometry testing


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